Village Officials

The Village of Reeseville Board Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month beginning at 6:30pm.

All Village Residents are encouraged to attend the first 15 minutes for public in-put. The Board Meeting Minutes from the preceding month are available here.

The agenda and previous meeting minutes are posted at the Village Hall, Post Office, Reeseville Library & online, three days prior to the regular Board meeting.

Village President

Brian Miller

Phone: (920) 927-5503

Clerk/Treasurer/Utility Treasurer

Christine Abell

Cell: (608) 575-3097
Email: [email protected]

No Current Office Hours
Please Contact for an Appointment

Public Works

Dean Ziegel 

Phone: (920) 927-5243
Cell: (920) 210-2516
Emergency: (920) 927-5477
Fax: (920) 927-5245

Police Chief

Scott Bahr

Phone: (920) 927-5272 (Non-Emergency)
Email: [email protected]

Fire Chief

Chris Abell

Phone: (920) 927-5271 (Station)
Cell: (920) 210-2510
Email: [email protected]

Building Inspector

Rob Froh

Kunkel Engineering Group

Cell: (920) 382-6202
Email: [email protected]

Chairman & Trustee

Protection of Persons, Property and Safety

Chris Abell

Phone: (920) 285-0285

Chairman & Trustee

Streets and Alleys

Cheryl Goodrich

Phone: (920) 392-2936

Chairman & Trustee

Public Health and Welfare

Dave Snow

Phone: (920) 210-6255

Chairman & Trustee




Chairman & Trustee


Jim Bublitz

Phone: (920) 210-2827

Chairman & Trustee

Public Property

Grant Rushing

Phone: (920) 763-2726