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Notice to Reeseville Water & Sewer Utility Customers

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June 24, 2020

Notice to Reeseville Water & Sewer Utility Customers

We have some exciting news! The Village has partnered with Softline Data (UBMax) to upgrade our Water & Sewer Utility billing system. You will notice some changes when you receive your 2nd quarter utility bill. (Don’t fret, our rates have not changed!) With the switch to the new program, we now able to offer a Customer Portal where you can make payments and see your account history online.

The new layout is easier to read and understand. In the past, the payment stub was perforated on the left side of the billing card, the payment stub is now located on the bottom of the card.

Utility payments can still be made by mail, by using the drop box located in front of Village Hall or by credit card, using our new Customer Portal. For online payments, go to and register with our Municipal Code: ReesevilleWI579

We will continue to provide updates as they become available, check our website and/or Facebook page for details.

We ask that you please inspect your 2nd quarter bill for accuracy -review your name and mailing address. Contact us if you notice any changes needed.

Starting with the September 2020 billing, we will be able to go paperless! If you would like to have future bills emailed to you, instead of receiving a postcard, please contact us with the email address you’d like to use. If you need to update your account or if you have any questions, please reach out to Christine Abell, Clerk-Treasurer by phone; call/text (608) 575-3097 or by email [email protected]