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September 4, 2019

Lakeside 4H News

As we look over the last year of 4H I can’t believe how fast it has gone.  We started the year off last October with a bon fire and pot luck meal for all the families. 

Since then we have completed the following:

November – craft night (making Santa’s and Snowmen out of wood timbers) and Thanksgiving Dinner basket
December – caroling to elderly and Christmas Dinner basket
January – serving goodies at the Vet Clinic
February – no-sew blankets.
March – Easter Hunt prep / Demonstrations
April – Easter Egg Hunt
May – Highway clean up
June – Art’s and Music Fest
July – 4th of July Parade in Watertown
August – Dodge County Fair
September – Record Books due

The next few weeks as kids and parents recover from spending the week at the fair the local 4H’s groups will be completing their record books for the 2019 year and then October comes around and we will start the process over again. 

In our next month’s issue will have a recap of all the kids awards from the fair. 

Just a few dates to keep in mind going into 2020 that you may want to mark your calendar for are:

January 10th 2020 – Fish Fry at the Reeseville Community Center
March 21st 2020 – Trivia Night Dodgeland High School
April 11th 2020 – Easter Egg Hunt at the Fireman’s Park
June 28th 2020 – 2nd Annual Arts and Music Fest at the Reeseville Fireman’s Park

As the mornings become cooler and winter starts to set in this local 4H Club has been serving this community going on 74 years.  Different groups tend to come and go but family tradition is always there.  If you interested in joining this great family tradition please contact Eric or Sandy Salmi at 920-988-1817 for more information.  Our next meeting will be on September 8th 2019 at 6pm at the Reeseville Municipal Building.  All record books are due at this time from each member.  

Looking forward to serving the community with our Head, Heart, Hands and Health as 2020 sneaks up on us.

 Eric and Sandy Salmi

Lakeside 4H Leaders