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Welcome to Reeseville








The Village of Reeseville Board Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month beginning at 6:30pm.  The first 15 minutes are for public in-put.  If you have something you would like on the agenda, please contact the Village Clerk @ (608) 575-3097  or email reesevilleclerk@gmail.com
All Village residents are encouraged to attend. 
The Village Board minutes for the previous month are included in each Newsletter.  All Board minutes are not official until approved at the following months meeting.


The Clerk-Treasurer, Christine Abell, is available Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. I'm available in person by appointment only, please schedule one by calling, texting or emailing me. I can be reached at (608) 575-3097




24 HOURS OF PICK-UP!!!  BRUSH & LEAF PICKUP IS DONE.   Please be aware of the snow plowing.  Try to have your vehicles off the street when we have a large snowfall so that the plow can get most of the snow.






When calling the police department's non-emergency phone, please leave a detailed voicemail. Leave your name, a callback number and the address/location of the complaint. If a detailed message is not left, the issue may not get resolved.


No parking is in effect.  No parking on any Village streets  2:00am to 6:00pm from November 15th until April 1st.



To put an ad in the newsletter, Contact me at 920-927-5477 or email at nziegel@charter.net.  Minimum of 3 lines for $5.00.  The cost goes up accordingly as you add additional lines.  Please pay for your ads promptly.

If you are unable to email, put any extra news or want ads in the mailbox by my back door.  If you want, put the flag up so I know it’s there. 

All ads and articles are at the discretion of the editor and do not necessarily express the views of the Village or the Editor.

If you know of persons new to the village, let them know where to pick up the Newsletter.  Important information is available here.


Newsletters are available at Sam’s BP, Reeseville Library, Lowell Library, Haase Vet Clinic, Cowbells Restaurant, Barber Shop Plus and The State Bank of Reeseville.





Notice to Residents:

Taxes are due by 1/31/2019 either in full or the first installment

Please note that if you pay the first installment only, the second installment is due directly to the Dodge County Treasurer by 7/31/2019

Tax Overpayments will be refunded after the next regularly scheduled Village Board meeting following receipt of your payment. Refunds could take 2-6 weeks. Thank you for your patience!

Dog Licenses expire on 12/31/2018. Please register your dog(s) by 3/31/2019 to avoid a late charge and possible citation. Please submit proof of rabies vaccination and proof of spay/neuter if applicable. Proof of spay/neuter is usually noted on the rabies vaccination with a FS or MN. If not, please contact your vet for a letter/proof.


Notice to Water Utility Customers:

Please be advised that the Reeseville Water Utility has undergone a rate increase. The new rates will be effective 1/1/2019 and will be reflected on your 2019 first quarter water bill. The following is brief outline of the new rates, if you’d would like to read the rate change in full, please contact Christine Abell, 608-575-3097 or ReesevilleClerk@gmail.com

As stated by the Public Service Commission “The overall increase in customer rates is 21.33%, comprised of an 8.22% increase in general service charges and a 41.59% increase in fire protection charges. A typical residential customer’s bill would rise 2.27% (not including private fire protection) and 18.69% (including private fire protection)”.

The base water rate charge for a 5/8” meter has changed to $33.30 per quarter, from $26.70 per quarter. The public fire protection base quarterly charges have changed to: 5/8” $63.75, 1” $162.51, 1 ½” $321.81, 2” 525.00 & 3” $978.00 (Most residential customers have a 5/8” meter)

The Volume Charge has also changed from a tiered rate to a flat charge of $3.21 per 1,000 gallons.

Late charges will now be assessed as a ONE-TIME 3% late charge and will be applied to any unpaid balance for the billing period. This will go into effect after the first quarter billing due date (April 2019).

Reconnection Charges have increased to $30.00, during normal business hours and $45.00 after normal business hours.

Sewer Utility Rates are unchanged.



I just want to inform everyone that we have a new building inspector. Jake Henning has resigned as of December. Dion Okeson has taken over as our municipal building inspector at General Engineering Company

Dion can be reached at: (608) 697-3737 or dokeson@generalengineering.net





Reeseville Unit # 190 wishes to thank Lowell VFW,

Village of Reeseville, and Reeseville Fire department

for their donations for the Santa Candy Bags.  






We had a Christmas decorating contest again this year in Reeseville and Lowell on December 12th.


  The contest Winners for 2018;





          1. DAVE & RUTH SNOW
          2. BILL SOLDNER
          3. DAVE KOHLOFF







        Congratulations to all our winners.


        Great job by all!!!





The Lowell/Reeseville Chamber of Commerce will be disbanded as of Dec. 31, 2018, due to lack of participation. 
The Chamber Board voted that all remaining funds including the scholarship fund will be disbursed to the following Local Organizations:








The Chamber specifies that the funds given to these organizations be used to purchase items to better serve the organization and the community.  The funds are not to be used for operating expenses. The funds will be disbursed in January 2019. 

Joan Beal President

Lakeside 4H NEWS


The Lakeside 4H members met on November 11th and had our annual craft night, we made Santa Clause and Snowman fence post decorations which will be handed out during our caroling in December. 







cid:9ad2713c-8a90-4b77-a7ec-6809b894f460On December 15th 2018 we held our annual Christmas caroling afternoon to a number of individuals in their homes.  Baskets of goodies, a craft present and some warm Christmas cheer was given to many people.  Including Jolly Old St. Nick himself at the Lowell VFW. 

After caroling we ended our 2018 year with a small Christmas party. 


On to 2019 –

 On Saturday January 5th 2018 at CJ’s Vet Clinic the Lakeside 4H will hold their annual Rabies Clinic from 10am-12pm.  After the Vet Clinic is over, we will go back to the Municipal building and have lunch with a short meeting.  

 Please mark your calendars for Friday January 11th from 5pm-7:30pm the Lakeside 4H will be helping out the Reeseville Community Center with their Fish Fry.  We will again this year be having bucket raffle, 50/50 raffle and a bake sale.  Please help spread the word for this great event.  The money raised on this evening help sponsor a lot of our community events thru the year.  Just to name a few:  Caroling baskets at Christmas, completed Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to a family in need and no-sew blankets. 

 Other important dates coming up that you may want to mark your calendar are March 16th 2019 at 5pm at Dodgeland High School is there annual Livestock Trivia Night.  We will once again be helping at this event along with other members of different 4H Club throughout the county for large animal improvements at the Dodge County Fair.  The Meat Animal Sale Committee is planning on keeping everything the same as past years.  Ten rounds of trivia with 10 questions per round and then a tie breaker of questions.  Get 8 of your friends together and create a winning team, entry cost is ten dollars per person or eighty dollars per team.  If we can’t come up with 8 players and are willing to be on a team with other please still send in your entry and we will put you on a team.   It’s a guaranteed night of fun and laughs. 

 Our next scheduled meeting will be on Sunday February 10th at 6pm.  

 If you are interested in joining 4H please call Eric and Sandy Salmi at 920-988-1817 or just attend one of our activities. 

 Hope everyone had a very Merry and Happy Holiday season and we’re looking forward to a great 2019 4H year! 

 Eric Salmi
Lakeside 4H Leader



WHEN;     JANUARY 5, 2019


TIME;        10.00AM TO 12:00 NOON

Bring in your cats and dogs.  Very important that all animals are rabies vaccinated. 













January 2019 Chief’s Corner


That’s going to take some getting used to, writing 2019 that is. I believe all things considered 2018 was a successful year at the Reeseville Fire Department. We would like to thank the local community, businesses, friends, and neighbors for all their support.

Seems strange to talk about with the rainy winter we have been having, but the snow will come even if you love it or hate it. I ask all village residents that if you have a fire hydrant on yours or your neighboring property that you please keep the area around it free of obstructions including snow and ice. Also, if you are driving through the community and see a hydrant you feel that needs attention please feel free to call me at 920-210-2510. The last thing we want is for the fire department to need it and not be able to get to it safely. They are a required tool for us to help ensure your safety.


Also speaking of ice and snow make sure to check your furnace vent pipes to keep them clear of snow and ice. A properly vented furnace not only is more efficient it also keeps your family safe by making sure the poisonous gases are expelled outside the house or business.


Now that cold weather is trying to set in many of us will be thinking about venturing out to enjoy all that Wisconsin has to offer this time of year. Such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing. There really is no answer, and no such thing as 100 percent safe ice. You cannot judge the strength of ice by one factor like its appearance, age, thickness, temperature or whether the ice is covered with snow. Ice strength is based on a combination of several factors, and they can vary depending on the type of water body. Ice strength can also vary in different areas of the same body of water. Some tips to make sure you enjoy your time outdoors and return safely such as, dress warm in layers. Don't go out alone. Head out with friends or family. Take a cell phone if available, and make sure someone knows where you are and when you are expected to return. Don't travel in areas you are not familiar and don't travel at night or during reduced visibility. Avoid inlets, outlets or narrow stream that may have a current that can drastically thin the ice. Look for clear ice, which is generally stronger than ice with snow on it or bubbles in it. Carry some basic safety gear: ice claws or picks, a cellphone in a waterproof bag or case, a life jacket and length of rope.

If you fall through the ice, remain calm and act quickly. Call for help immediately by yelling or calling 911 if you see someone go through the ice. The quicker help is requested the better the chance of a safe recovery.

1. Do not remove your winter clothing. Heavy clothes can trap air, which can help provide warmth and flotation. This is especially true in a snowmobile suit.

2. Go back toward the direction you came. That is probably where you will find the strongest ice – and what lies ahead is unknown.

3. Place your hands and arms on the unbroken surface. This is where a pair of nails, sharpened screwdrivers or ice picks are handy in providing the extra traction you need to pull yourself up onto the ice.

4. Kick your feet and dig in your ice picks to work your way back onto the solid ice. If your clothes have trapped a lot of water, you may have to lift yourself partially out of the water on your elbows to let the water drain before starting forward.

5. Once back on the ice, don't try to stand up. Lie flat until you are completely out of the water, then roll away from the hole to keep your weight spread out. This may help prevent you from breaking through again.

6. Get to a warm, dry, sheltered area and warm yourself up immediately. In moderate to severe cases of cold-water hypothermia, you must seek medical attention. Cold blood trapped in your extremities can come rushing back to your heart after you begin to warm up. The shock of the chilled blood may cause ventricular fibrillation leading to a heart attack and death!

Stay safe and enjoy all that Wisconsin winter has to offer.


The Reeseville Fire Department will host BINGO on January 13, 2019 at the Reeseville Community Center. Doors will open at 4:00 pm with Bingo to start promptly at 5:30. Food and refreshments will be served by the Reeseville Community Center Board Members. There will be multiple varieties of desserts to choose from including Dave Snow’s famous Carmel Corn. Progressive Bingo is still growing and currently is at $1742.00 and we will call 54 balls. Please come down and show your support and invite your friends for an exciting fun filled night with our community.


Calls for December 2018

12-4-18 Mutual Aid to Clyman FD for a Carbon Dioxide Alarm

12-5-18 Mutual Aid to Clyman FD for a two-vehicle crash

12-18-18 Mutual Aid to Lowell FD for an unattended brush fire


1-1-19 Happy New Year from the Reeseville Fire Department


To contact the Reeseville Fire Department

Call or Text 920 210-2510

Email reesfd@netwurx.net

Find us on Facebook at Reeseville Fire Department


Firefighter Joke of the Month

My wife said to me, "Can we do some role play?"

I said, "Ok yeah. What do you suggest?"

She said, "Firefighter to the rescue."

I wish she'd hurry up. I've been stuck up this tree dressed as a cat for twelve hours now.

Nic Gay   Reeseville Fire Chief

920-210-2510 Fire Cell   Nicstrk@hotmail.com








Food Pantry & Resource Center, 209 S Main St, Reeseville


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to express our gratitude to all the churches, businesses, organizations and individuals that have supported The Gathering Source during 2018!  We are looking forward to an even greater 2019!  Will you please take a minute to like our Facebook Page and/or visit our website and sign up for our newsletter and email updates?  Again, THANK YOU, for all your support!


CLOSING DUE TO WEATHER – If Dodgeland closes due to bad weather, so do we.  We will also post closings on Facebook, Daily Dodge, and with WBEV..


THRIVENT CHOICE DOLLARS FOR THE GATHERING SOURCE –Through a unique member-advised charitable grant program called Thrivent Choice®, members of Thrivent Financial are helping support enrolled 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations across the country, including The Gathering Source.  Visit our website (thegatheringsource.org) for a link to Thrivent’s Choice Dollars donation program or pick up instructions at The Gathering Source.  This is a great way to donate money to support The Gathering Source without opening your


VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND/OR LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! – To keep up with all the latest Gathering Source news.  

DONATIONS – We accept donations on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays 10-noon.  We are especially in need of canned fruit.  There is also a barrel for donations at the State Bank of Reeseville/Watertown.  Monetary donations can be made by mailing a check to us at PO Box 66 or online at www.thegatheringsource.org.


SMILE.AMAZON.COM – When you shop on smile.amazon.com and choose The Gathering Source as your charity, Amazon donates a portion of the value of your purchase to us.  An easy way to donate without having to spend extra money!


PAYPAL GIVING FUND – From now through December 31, PayPal giving fund is donating an extra 1 percent of any donation made online through PayPal.  No fees are deducted from your donations!



FOOD PANTRY continues on Tuesdays from 10-noon and Thursdays from 5-7 pm.  When registering for the food pantry, please bring identification and proof of residency for adult members of the household.  In addition, bags, boxes or other containers are needed to transport food home.


OPEN HOUSE is on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10-noon.  This is a great time to drop off your donations.  


BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION! -The goal: to bring neighborhoods together and collect as many Box Tops as we can in our communities!  You can turn in your box tops or labels at The Gathering Source, State Bank of Reeseville. The Reeseville Library, and Clyman Village Hall.  www.boxtops4education


DON’T THROW OUT THOSE USED INK CARTRIDGES – DONATE THEM TO US - We use them to offset the cost of our office supplies.

Please visit thegatheringsource.org for more information about our programs.  You can reach us at 920-927-1702 or email us through our website for more information




Reeseville Public Library
216 South Main – 920-927-7390
A Universe of Stories
January 2019

Reeseville Public Library Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 11-7
Wednesday, Friday: 3-5
Saturday: 10-Noon










Story Time
Story time will be held on Wednesdays in January (7, 14, 21 and 28) at 11am.  There will be stories, crafts and snacks.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and get creative together!  Your preschoolers will have such a great time that you’ll want to take some books home to keep the creativity flowing.









Elaine invites elementary age students to come to the library on Thursdays in January at 4pm.  She will read a chapter or two from one of her favorite books and have snacks at the end.


 Community Yoga

The library will host a beginning yoga class on Wednesday January 2, 16 and 30 at 5:15pm.  We’ll practice in the library; space is limited so please call to register.    All abilities are welcome.  Bring a mat and a flexible mind. 


 Cook the Book
Laurie and Ellen will be hosting food, fun and friends at the library Tuesday, January 15 at 6pm.  Check out a cookbook! Select a healthy side dish to prepare and bring the book and dish to the library. We will taste, discuss and share our creations!  Please sign up by January 12 by calling 920-927-7390 or email
reesevillelibrary@monarchlibraries.org  See you then!


 Coming in February



Pattie Carroll (UW Extension) and Cassie Hurst (Birth to Three) will be presenting TalkReadPlaytime during our storytimes in February.  This exciting new program, sponsored by Every Child Thrives and The Watertown Community Health Foundation, is for children birth to five and their caregivers using the PIWI (parents interacting with infants) curriculum.  Starting February 4, we’ll meet on Mondays at 11 for six weeks.   (February 4, 11, 18, 25 March 4, 11) There will be stories, activities and snacks so bring your little person and check it out. 


 Fine Free February 

Return any overdue library materials during February and we’ll forgive all the associated fines.  We just want our items to come home, so as long as you bring it back, we can make the fines go away.  However, we can’t forgive fees for items that have never been returned or have been damaged.  


Kay Kromm  Director





VFW Post #9392 News & Events

January 22, 2018 - VFW Meeting at the Lowell VFW Post #9392 starts at 7:30 p.m.

The VFW Post #9392 and the VFW Sweethearts meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month at the VFW Post, 280 South St., Lowell WI.  For more information about becoming a member contact John Stanton, Post #9392 Commander at 920-296-6926


 13th Annual Lowell Sporting Collectible Rummage Sale

Saturday January 28th, 2019

Open 7:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Lowell VFW Post #9392

New, used & Collectible sporting items & outdoor gear. Free appraisals on old fishing lures, outboards and firearms.
Admission $1 single, $2 family

For more information call Greg – Day 877-783-7350           Night 262-569-9753


Sheepshead Tournament

 January 5 and 19, 2019
At Lowell VFW, South Street

 Check in time 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Start Promptly at 12:30 p.m.

 Entry Fee $10 per player

5-Handed, 4 games of 15 hands

100% payout

 6 players per table – Dealer sits out

Jack of Diamonds automatic partner

 Sponsored by the Lowell VFW Post 9392


Lowell VFW is a great place for a family gathering or party!

Lowell VFW Post #9293 is available to rent for events large and small.  The club holds up to 250 people for dining with a full kitchen and bar available.  Book your wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, confirmation or other event.  The hall is available on short notice for a great price!  Contact Marty Stanton, at 920-296-6925 or martyrstanton@gmail.com for more information and pricing 



DOG LICENSE APPLICATION                                                                           Village of Reeseville

Owner Name_________________________________________                              206 S. Main Street

Street Address_______________________________________                                    P O Box 426

Mailing Address_____________________________________                             Reeseville, WI  53579

Phone #:____________________________________________                             Phone: 608-575-3097                      

Email Address: _______________________________________       

License Fees (Valid January 1 to December 31)


$10.00 x_______= $_________


NOT Neutered/Spayed

$15.00 x_______= $_________

**Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope,
to return your tag(s).**

Additional Dog Fee (Per dog over 2)

$25.00 x_______= $_________


Late Fee (after March 31)

$25.00 x_______= $_________


(Separate Check from taxes and utility bills)

Amount Paid             $_________


                            Check Payable to:  "Village of Reeseville"         Cash/Check # ____________

Attach copy of Rabies Certificate

Attach copy proof of spayed/neutered

Attach copy of Rabies Certificate Attach copy proof of spayed/neutered


Attach copy of Rabies Certificate


Attach copy of spay/neuter


Sign "Additional Dog Agreement" on the reverse side if you have 3 or more dogs.




Name of Dog_________________________________

Name of Dog___________________________ Name of Dog_________________________


Breed_________________________________ Breed_______________________________


Color_________________________________ Color_______________________________

Rabies Vac. Date_____________________________

Rabies Vac. Date________________________  Rabies Vac. Date_____________________

Expiration Date_______________________________

Expiration Date_________________________ Expiration Date_______________________

Vet or Clinic Name____________________________

Vet or Clinic Name______________________ Vet or Clinic Name____________________

Check one:Male

Neutered Male Female

Spayed Female

Check one:Male                                                   One-male                       

Neutered Male                                          Neutered Male

Female                                                      Female

Spayed Female                                         Spayed Female



License No________________________

License No________________________                License No________________________

Date _____________________________

Date _____________________________               Date _____________________________









Additional Dog Agreement


Village of Reeseville Code of Ordinances, Section 7-1



I, ____________________________residing at ______________________________________, 

                                           Name                                                                                                      Address

 In the Village of Reeseville, hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the Village of 

Reeseville’s Municipal Code, limiting the number of dogs allowed per household, to two (2).  As a result of owning or keeping more than two (2) dogs on the premises at the address 

above, I, _________________________, agree that if two (2) formal written nuisance complaints 


caused by or related to the dogs at the above premises, is received by the Reeseville Police Department within a four (4) week period, I must immediately reduce the number of dogs on the premises to two (2). 


__________________________________     _______________

Signature                                                          Date

 Tag Numbers Issued: ________ ________ ________ ________ 


In addition to the applicable license fee for each dog, an additional fee of $25.00 per additional dog will be charged for the third and all subsequent licenses issued per household.


Total Additional Fee: $25.00 times #_____ additional dogs =   $__________ 


                                            Plus Regular Dog License Fees = $___________


          Total Amount due $__________ 


 Make Check Payable to: Village of Reeseville



                     For Office Use Only:                                                                                                                                                   


Cash $____________OR Check #_____________     Date: ________________







Owner Name_________________________________________

Street Address_______________________________________

Mailing Address_____________________________________

Phone #:____________________________________________

Email Address:_______________________________________        

*Maximum of 4 Total Fowl Per Household*

License Fees (Valid January 1st to December 31st)

Type of Fowl:




Duck Number of Fowl:



License Fee for Total Fowl:

Village of Reeseville

206 S. Main Street P O Box 426

Reeseville, WI  53579

Phone: (608) 575-3097                          

ATTN:  Village Treasurer


Check Payable to:  "Village of Reeseville"  (Separate check from taxes and utility bills)

Check #:Date:

*Please send a stamped self-return envelope with your application.

By signing below, I agree to abide by the Village's ordinance pertaining to the Keeping of Fowl (Sec. 7-1- 6(i) KEEPING OF FOWL).

I agree to own a maximum of four hens or ducks and understand that roosters & drakes are prohibited. 

A copy of the full ordinance can be obtained by contacting the Village Clerk, (608)575-3097.

                    Signature:                                                                                                 Date:

For Office Use Only:

License Number:






The Lowell-Reeseville First Responders, are looking for Volunteers from the Community.








  1. Who are the First Responders??
  2. We are highly trained individuals through the State of Wisconsin.
  3. We are the first faces you or your loved ones will see in an emergency.
  4. We are the people of your community that will assist you with your emergency until the paramedics arrive.
  5. We are trained to do the following but not limited to CPR, Administer Narcan, Oral Glucose, take Blood Sugar, take Vitals, Stabilize you if you’re in an accident, etc.…
  6. This is just a small list of things we are trained to do.
  7. We work very closely with Beaver Dam and Watertown paramedics.
  8. Most importantly we are the group of people that care about our community
  9. This is just a small list of things we are trained to do.
  10. We work very closely with Beaver Dam and Watertown paramedics.
  11. Most importantly we are the group of people that care about our community.

To become a First Responder, it requires a semester long class through Moraine Park Tech College, continual training after you become a First Responder.

If you are not sure about becoming a First Responder, we do offer prior ride-along, to qualified individuals.

Please help your community!

Contact us at:






The Senior Citizen Meal Site is at the Senior Apartments in Reeseville. The Dining Center is open five days a week and offers a lunch time meal. Criteria to join us is you must be 60 years old or older, attend the dining center with someone who is 60 years or older or live in the Reeseville Senior Apartments. Reservations to eat are needed the day before and can be made by phoning 920-386-3580 or 1-800-924-6407




Pastor Donald Steinberg  
210 Lincoln Ave
E-mail address immanuellc@tds.net

Worship Sunday 9:00am
Sunday School and Adult Bible Class at 10:20 a.m.






Pastor:  Fr. Mike Erwin, 
Associate Pastor:  Fr. Erick Cassiano, 
Assisting Sr. Priest:  Fr. John Yockey
Office: (920) 927-3102    Fax:  (920) 927-1970


Weekday Masses:

Tuesdays 8 am at St. John the Baptist, Clyman
Wednesdays 5:30 pm at Holy Family, Reeseville
Thursdays, 7 pm at St. Columbkille, Elba

Weekend Masses (November 2018 through February 2019)

Saturdays 6 pm at Holy Family, Reeseville
Sundays 8 am at St. John the Baptist, Clyman
10 am at St. Columbkille, Elba



Pastor Lois Rosko    
E-mail address larosko@hotmail.com
Worship Schedule:
Sunday Service at 10:00am
Communion held on the 1st Sunday



THE REFUGE” of Reeseville
Apostolic Bible Study & Sunday Service
Isaiah 3:10  Say to the righteous, it shall be well.
214 Main Street Reeseville
2nd Kings 10:16 Come and see our zeal for the Lord.
Sunday Service @10:30am Bible Study
& 6:30pm Wednesday
More info on our full page Pastor Chris and Cherie

Behymer 920-927-6056 behymer6@charter.net www.facebook.com/TheReesevilleRefuge







115 Juneau Street, Lowell

E-mail address pvgvandy@aim.com

Sunday Worship at 10am.




Pastor Matthew Martin  
N2296 County Hwy I

Sunday worship at 10:00 am

Sunday School at 8:45am 

Adult Bible class at 8:45am