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Welcome to Reeseville

JUNE 2018





The Village of Reeseville Board Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month beginning at 6:30pm.  The first 15 minutes are for public in-put.  If you have something you would like on the agenda, please contact the Village Clerk @ (608) 575-3097  or email reesevilleclerk@gmail.com
All Village residents are encouraged to attend. 
The Village Board minutes for the previous month are included in each Newsletter.  All Board minutes are not official until approved at the following months meeting.






BRUSH PICKUP has begun and will continue on the first and third Monday of the month as long as necessary.  Place your bundles of brush and branches at the curb for pickup.  Any other leaves etc. should be in trash bags.


When calling the police department's non-emergency phone, please leave a detailed voicemail. Leave your name, a callback number and the address/location of the complaint. If a detailed message is not left, the issue may not get resolved. 


To put an ad in the newsletter, Contact me at 920-927-5477 or email at nziegel@charter.net.  Minimum of 3 lines for $5.00.  The cost goes up accordingly as you add additional lines.  Please pay for your ads promptly.

If you are unable to email, put any extra news or want ads in the mailbox by my back door.  If you want, put the flag up so I know it’s there. 

All ads and articles are at the discretion of the editor and do not necessarily express the views of the Village or the Editor.

If you know of persons new to the village, let them know where to pick up the Newsletter.  Important information is available here.


Newsletters are available at Sam’s BP, Reeseville Library, Lowell Library, Haase Vet Clinic, Cowbells Restaurant, Barber Shop Plus and The State Bank of Reeseville.







The Chamber of Commerce will no longer be sponsoring the Village Wide Rummage Sale due to the lack of people willing to take over the reins. If you wish to still have your Sales, feel free to do so.  Hopefully by next year we will have some people to step up.  It’s a great way to get involved with your community.  The Chamber will dissolve if no one shows an interest. Don’t let this happen!!


Your junk or good stuff may just be what someone else is looking for.




The Lowell-Reeseville First Responders, are looking for Volunteers from the Community.

Who are the First Responders??

We are highly trained individuals through the State of Wisconsin.

We are the first faces you or your loved ones will see in an emergency.

We are the people of your community that will assist you with your emergency until the paramedics arrive.

We are trained to do the following but not limited to CPR, Administer Narcan, Oral Glucose, take Blood Sugar, take Vitals, Stabilize you if you’re in an accident, etc.…

This is just a small list of things we are trained to do.

We work very closely with Beaver Dam and Watertown paramedics.

Most importantly we are the group of people that care about our community


This is just a small list of things we are trained to do.

We work very closely with Beaver Dam and Watertown paramedics.

Most importantly we are the group of people that care about our community.

To become a First Responder, it requires a semester long class through Moraine Park Tech College, continual training after you become a First Responder.

If you are not sure about becoming a First Responder, we do offer prior ride-along, to qualified individuals.

Please help your community!

Contact us at:







June 2018 Chief’s Corner

Well it has been quite the eventful year already considering everything Mother Nature has been throwing at us. I’ve always said in regards to the weather in Wisconsin if you don’t like it, just wait an hour it will change. That has been very true with the temperatures and the amounts precipitation we have been seeing. With that being said please still remember to be courteous and cautious of that big farm machinery out there trying to get their job done to help feed America. The rain is not helping them accomplish that so we will be seeing them later than normal this year.

Speaking of spring/summer traffic motorcycle season is in full swing already, and many can be seen on our roads already. Over half of all motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle, so please watch for them on the roads. In most, but not all of those cases the driver of the other vehicle was at fault. Because of the size, motorcycles can be hidden in blind spots very easily. Taking that second look at a stop sign or before changing lanes just might save someone’s life. Yes, it is that serious and yes, it is that simple to just take a second look and make sure the maneuver you are about to make is safe for you and that other motorist. The person on that motorcycle is someone’s son, mom, dad, daughter, grandpa, grandma, best friend, etc..... When you approach or see a motorcycle try to not just see them as a motorcyclist but as a family member or best friend. Give them a little extra following distance or take that second look because you would want to see them and, spend time with them one day again. So please be courteous and share the road.


Our next BINGO night is June, 10th. Doors will open at 4:00pm and BINGO starts at 5:30pm. As always food and refreshments will be available for purchase from our very own Reeseville Community Center. If you haven’t made it down I strongly recommend stopping down to at least try the deserts they are top notch. Be sure to pass along the word to your friends and family so they can come join the fun! 

Current progressive BINGO Jackpot is over $2,500.00 plus a portion of what we take in June 10th. We will call 57 balls. The fire department would like to thank everyone for attending BINGO and supporting the fire department. We would also like to thank the volunteers that help with food and beverages during BINGO. Without all of you we would not be able to make this fun community night happen once a month. 

For an application, any questions or to see what goes on stop at our station on the first third or fourth Monday of the month around 6:30.

Any other questions or to inquire about becoming a member of our family here at the RFD

Call or Text 920 210-2510

Email reesfd@netwurx.net

Find us on Facebook at Reeseville Fire Department

June 17th Happy Father’s Day

Calls for May 2018

5-1 Shop/Pole Building Fire Mutual Aid to Clyman FD

5-8 Grass fire along railroad tracks Mutual Aid to Clyman FD


Firefighter Joke of the Month

One day a boy went swimming in a lake. He soon got into trouble though and was starting to drown.

Luckily there was a firefighter by the lake who swam out and pulled the boy up onto the beach and began CPR.

A crowd gathered around and watched as the firefighter frantically pumped on the boys’ chest.

Water kept pouring from the boy's mouth. Each time the firefighter pumped more water came out. A short time later seaweed started coming out, then minnows, then more water started coming out of the boy's mouth. The firefighter feared this would never stop.

Just then, a paramedic arrived, quickly ran over to the firefighter and said, "Hey Chief! You better get that kid's rear end out of the water before you pump that lake dry".

Nic Gay   Reeseville Fire Chief

920-210-2510 Fire Cell


                                                                                                     NEXT BINGO GAMES WILL BE JUNE 10TH




Lakeside 4-H

                  Brat, Hot Dog & Hamburger Fry

June 9th 2018

8am to 1pm

At Sam’s BP in Reeseville

Image result for pictures of ice cream coneshttps://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRMsiS6OlqlEHaolXRO5TH1sJ5bXDq3CDkH4-itJJhpVrHJgkrAen89qr8Get a free ice cream cone with your meal to celebrate June Dairy Month!












Lakeside 4-H held there monthly meeting on Saturday May 19th 2018.  We were scheduled to complete our annual high way cleanup but due to Mother Nature we were unable to.  We will be rescheduling it for a future date. 

 We will have many activities coming up in the near future. 

 Please mark your calendars for the following dates.

 June 9th – Brat Fry at Sam’s BP in Reeseville from 8am-1pm.  (get a free ice cream cone with your meal to help celebrate June Dairy Month)

 June 30th – Float building at the Salmi house starting 8am.

 July 4th – Parade in Watertown

July 28th – barn decorating at Salmi house at 1pm – pot luck to follow. We will hold our July and August meeting on this evening. 

 August 15th thru 19th – Dodge County Fair – many children have worked on projects all summer long, please spend a day or two looking over all the activities.

 If you are interested in joining 4-H please contact Eric or Sandy Salmi at 920-988-1817.

 Your 4H Reporter,

Samantha Salmi



Thank you to the Villages of Lowell, Reeseville and the surrounding area for every prayer, visit, phone call or memorial to the family and myself.  Thank you for caring at the time of the deaths of Lynda and Brian.  Your kindness was appreciated. 

Carolyn Rennhack




Congressman Sensenbrenner

Congressman Sensenbrenner is looking forward to holding office hours at the Reeseville Village Hall on Monday, July 2nd at 9:45am. The meeting length is dependent upon the number of people who attend but will not last longer than 30 minutes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at mattlrew.holsen@mail.house.gov or in the district office at (262)784-1111 or l-800-242-lll9.





The Senior Citizen Meal Site is at the Senior Apartments in Reeseville. The Dining Center is open five days a week and offers a lunch time meal. Criteria to join us is you must be 60 years old or older, attend the dining center with someone who is 60 years or older or live in the Reeseville Senior Apartments. Reservations to eat are needed the day before and can be made by phoning 920-386-3580 or 1-800-924-6407





Lowell-Reeseville First Responder Fundraiser

We are having a Brat Fry on June 16, 2018 @ the Lowell Fire Station from 9am to 1pm.  The proceeds will help the First Responders with extra expenses.  We’d appreciate your support.





Sunday, June 24th, 2018


Lowell VFW

Bring a lawn chair and a dish to pass

Meat will be provided by the
Knights of Columbus








Regarding Area Strip Clubs II

Featuring 5-Stones Full Presentation

On Human Trafficking

(per popular request after their recent brief presentation)


WHERE: Clyman Lions Hall, 615 Park St., Clyman


WHEN: Thursday, June 7th, 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Open to Everyone

For More Information, Contact

Fr. Mike Erwin 920-887-2082,








            JUST 1 MORE would like to give a HUGE shout out and thank out to all those that visited the bar, participated in our dart tournament, purchased or donated items for the Dan Bader Fund Raiser. We are happy to report that we raised nearly $9,000. for Dan. 

            We were also happy to see that Dan was able to come and visit with friends. While we are not able to thank everyone individually, we certainly appreciate the support and generosity of the community and how everyone came together to support this wonderful cause for Dan.







Food Pantry & Resource Center, 209 S Main St, Reeseville

                THANK YOU, POSTAL WORKERS!  POST OFFICE STAMP OUT HUNGER FOOD DRIVE – The Gathering Source received over 1,200 pounds of food from this year’s food drive.  A big thank you to our postal carriers for making this happen!  We also want to thank of all the individuals who generously donated food. 

CAN YOU SPARE AN HOUR?  If so, The Gathering Source needs individuals to assist with unloading Monday Food Truck Delivery.  Some heavy lifting required 30-50 lbs.  Please contact us if interested.

BACKPACKS FOR DODGELAND – The Gathering Source is gearing up for Backpacks for Dodgeland schoolchildren of families in need for the 2018/2019 school year!  Watch for those back to school specials.

FOOD PANTRY continues on Tuesdays from 10-noon and Thursdays from 5-7 pm.  When registering for the food pantry, please bring identification and proof of residency for adult members of the household.  In addition, bring bags, boxes or other containers to transport food home.

HOW CAN I HELP? – Did you know that ONE dollar donated to The Gathering Source provides up to 6 meals?  If you like to shop, we are in need of all kinds of soup, crackers, canned meat and canned fruit.

BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION COLLECTION – We support our Dodgeland Schools by collecting Box Tops and Labels for Education!  Please clip all Box Tops and Labels for Education!  You can turn in your box tops or labels at The Gathering Source, State Bank of Reeseville, The Reeseville Library, and Clyman Village Hall.  www.boxtops4education.


THRIVENT CHOICE DOLLARS FOR THE GATHERING SOURCE –Through a unique member-advised charitable grant program called

Thrivent Choice®, members of Thrivent Financial are helping support enrolled 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations across the country, including The Gathering Source.  Visit our website (thegatheringsource.org) for a link to Thrivent’s Choice Dollars donation program or pick up instructions at The Gathering Source.  This is a great way to donate money to support The Gathering Source without opening your wallet!

SMILE.AMAZON.COM –  When you shop on smile.amazon.com and choose The Gathering Source as your charity, Amazon donates a portion of the value of your purchase to us.  An easy way to donate without having to spend extra money!

VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND/OR LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! – To keep up with all the latest Gathering Source news.  

DONATIONS – We accept donations on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays 10-noon.  This time of year, we are especially in need of soups of all kinds as well as canned meats and fruit.  Monetary donations can be made by mailing a check to us at PO Box 66 or online at thegatheringsource.org.

OPEN HOUSE is on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10-noon.  This is also a great time to drop off your donations.  This is a great time to stop in and see the design for The New Gathering Source.

DON’T THROW OUT THOSE USED INK CARTRIDGES – DONATE THEM TO US - We use them to offset the cost of our office supplies.

Please visit thegatheringsource.org for more information about our programs.  You can reach us at 920-927-1702 or email us through our website for more information.


Reeseville Public Library
216 South Main – 920-927-7390

Libraries Rock
June 2018

Reeseville Public Library Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 11-7

Wednesday, Friday: 3-5

Saturday: 10-Noon





Q_Book_Slogan_blacklineSummer Reading Program: The library would like to send a big thank you to all our sponsors.

Caine Warehousing
Carolyn’s Beauty Salon
Culver’s of Columbus
Karl’s Carpentry
Koepsell-Murray Funeral Home
Lauersdorf Excavating
Milwaukee Stockyards
Quest Electric
Reeseville Area Chamber of Commerce
Reeseville Ridge Nursery
Rennhack Construction Company
Specialty Cheese
Watertown Community Health Foundation





This year the Juneau, Lowell and Reeseville public libraries will be working together to present a summer program.  The theme for 2018 is Libraries Rock.  Sign up begins June 4.  There will be activities for children at the library every Monday from 4-6 and Thursday from 1-3.  Drop in to participate in crafts, contests and games. 


We have dozens of new children’s books thanks to a generous donation from the Watertown Community Health Foundation.  Pop in and take some home with you. 




Gale Courses:  The Monarch Library System is thrilled to be able to provide all patrons the opportunity to engage in meaningful learning through Gale Courses.  This robust online resource provides access to exceptional classes on multiple topics of interest, including career training programs. If you seek deeper knowledge of areas from A (Accounting) to W (Writing), Gale Courses has something for you. We hope you consider exploring the offerings for personal and professional development.


RBdigital: Reeseville Public Library now offers its cardholders free online access to RBdigital (formerly Zinio), a collection of popular magazines to read on a computer or mobile device. Popular titles with no holds, no checkout periods, and no limits. Use your library account to check out materials.



Playgroup: We enjoyed all the families that joined us for playgroup this year.  We’d love to see you at our summer reading program.  We’ll start Storytime’s again in September. 

















Pastor Donald Steinberg  
210 Lincoln Ave
E-mail address immanuellc@tds.net

Worship Sunday 9:00am
Sunday School and Adult Bible Class at 10:20 a.m.






Pastor:  Fr. Mike Erwin, 
Associate Pastor:  Fr. Erick Cassiano, 
Assisting Sr. Priest:  Fr. John Yockey
Office: (920) 927-3102    Fax:  (920) 927-1970


Our weekday Mass schedule is:
Tuesdays:  8 am at St. John the Baptist
Wednesdays:  5:30 pm at Holy Family
Thursdays: 7 pm at St. Columbkille
Saturday evenings 4:30 pm at St. Columbkille, Elba
Sunday mornings   8 am at Holy Family, Reeseville
10 am at St. John the Baptist, Clyman



Pastor Lois Rosko    
E-mail address larosko@hotmail.com
Worship Schedule:
Sunday Service at 10:00am
Communion held on the 1st Sunday


THE REFUGE” of Reeseville
Apostolic Bible Study & Sunday Service
Isaiah 3:10  Say to the righteous, it shall be well.
214 Main Street Reeseville
2nd Kings 10:16 Come and see our zeal for the Lord.
Sunday Service @10:30am Bible Study
& 6:30pm Wednesday
More info on our full page Pastor Chris and Cherie

Behymer 920-927-6056 behymer6@charter.net www.facebook.com/TheReesevilleRefuge





Pastor Vander Galien


115 Juneau Street, Lowell

E-mail address pvgvandy@aim.com

Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM in the fellowship hall.

Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM  May 27 until the second Sunday in September when it switches back to 10am.

Pastor Matthew Martin  
N2296 County Hwy I
Sunday worship is at 9:00 am
Wednesday Night Service at 6:00pm
Bible Study Tuesday 6:00pm









The Refuge of Reeseville Church

Hello everyone and may God bless you all and your families.

 I understand that Mother’s Day has come and gone, but I would like to take this opportunity to give honor to whom honor is due. Romans 13:7

That just means that I realize the holiday selected for Mother’s Day is once a year. But the importance and critical nature of the meaning and essence of such a day lives on. So strongly do I feel about this, I am willing to say and believe some things, that may be, most uncommon.

[ The following is what the Refuge believes and preaches and is paid for by the Refuge Church.]


I would like to dedicate this letter to my mother, and especially to my wife, Cherie Behymer. It is because of her example of a mother that brings a humbleness to my heart. If the bible teaches men how to become real men, God fearing men, whose role is to honor the women in their lives, the bible also teaches women to become honorable, God fearing women. This doesn’t happen on accident you know. Honor and Righteousness are not accidents! But men and women have allowed God to have rule in their hearts, to make them into such. It’s called a “Relationship” with the Creator of the Universe.      

Mother’s Day is a day that should be celebrated and honored every day. Not the “day” is to be honored, but the mothers and ladies of that day and our lives are to be honored in such a way as to encourage and honor the tremendous sacrifice they take on. Every consider the job description of a mother? Housekeeper, Councilor, Chef, Event Planner, Dishwasher, Chauffeur, Teacher, Judge, Accountant. As a “Domestic Engineer,” Insure.com estimates that if moms were monetarily compensated they'd earn about $78,000 a year. 

 Thanks is to be given to the mothers, the ones whom the gifts of life, the children, God has brought into the world through. For He says, “Lo, children are a heritage, and reward, of the LORD.

Appreciation is to be given to the one whom God has gifted us with. for He says, “Who can find a virtuous woman?  For her price is far above rubies.”

Families today are being destroyed because of husbands and sons that don’t know how to, or don’t want to at all, honor their mothers and their wives. I know this is true because I used to be one of those husbands, I used to be one of those sons.

Throughout the ages, mothers and females in general have been given the less honorable position. Women couldn’t even vote in America until August 18, 1920, with the passing of the 19th Amendment. In Jesus day a woman’s voice was not even allowed to speak in a religious court. Women could not be addressed by a man in public. Women were not even allowed to read the Holy Scriptures. Then Jesus came along and not just taught the world, but showed the world how to honor women. No matter how great or small they were. Whether we think they deserved it or not.

And one of my personal favorites, is when Paul comes along and commands husbands across the ages to, “love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.”

What that tells me is that I need to get my eyes off myself. That tells me, she is to be honored, my mother is to be respected, my daughter is to be highly esteemed! My neighbor deserves to be treated with respect.

And may that honorable character in us last the year through, not just on Mother’s Day.

You know, families are a whole lot more wonderful and peaceful when, instead of attacking each other, we are honoring one another. There sure is more love in the home when we are encouraging and lifting each other up, instead of cutting each other down because of our pride and selfishness.

My name is Chris Behymer, Pastor of The Refuge Church.  And I invite you to come and see a Man, a Savior, a King that changed our lives forever.  Sunday Service @ 10:30am / Wednesday Service @ 6:30pm 214 South Main Street, Reeseville      www.facebook.com/TheReesevilleRefuge